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Trocar From 4mm To 12mm


Product Description:-

  • A Trocar  is a medical instrument with a sharply pointed end, often three-sided, that is used inside a hollow cylinder (cannula) to introduce this into blood vessels or body cavities.
  • Trocars are also used to introduce ports in the abdomen, such as during laparoscopic surgery.
  • Sometimes the combined trocar and introduced cannula are referred to as a trocar.
  • The trocar is often passed inside a cannula, and functions as a portal for the subsequent placement of other devices, such as a chest drain, intravenous cannula, etc.


Veterinary use

  • Trocar are also used by veterinarians and their applications include reliving of acute cases of cow bloat.
  • A wide bore trocar can be passed through the skin into the stomach to remove the gas, alternatively the trocars may be inserted directly into the stomach following anaesthesia in order to reduce the chances of infection.

Trocar From 4mm To 12mm

SKU: OR066
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