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Surgical cautery silicon rubber patient plate


Product Description:-

  • We enlisted among the most eminent manufacturers of silicon rubber patient plates in the country.


  • Our silicon rubber patient plates are high on demand in Indian as well as international market.


  • With strong manufacturing capabilities and technical expertise we are able to develop silicon rubber paitent plates in industry specific design


  • Our silicon rubbers patient plates are highly efficacious and are available in various grades and dimensions.


  • Silicon Rubber Patient plate offered by us is extremely durable and easy to use.


Product Specification:-


     Size: - 11inc length / 6inc breath.                                             

  1. Material: - conductive silicon rubber (certified / branded). 
  2. Complimentary:- 2nos of velcro strap for tying the pad.
  3.  Thickness : - 0. 5mm.
  4. Jack pin inserting size: - 5/32 (4mm).
  5. Packing: -  Plastic P.V.C bag.
  6. Safety mode: - There will be no edge on any part of the silicon                 rubber patient plate which will damage (hurt) the patient.
  7. Easy to use: - apply conductive jelly or moist cotton cloth in the               salted water and cover it for safe side which will increase the                     conductivity and also it will not hurt the patient.

Surgical Cautery Silicon Rubber Patient Plate

SKU: OR092
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