Orion Bipolar Resectoscope Set


Product Specification:-

Usage/Application                Hospital
Brand                ORION
Type                Bipolar Resectoscope
Type Of Surgery                Urology Resectoscope
Material                      SS
Length                  35 cm


Product Description:-


  • Bipolar TURP Procedure is an advance technique to remove prostate by Bipolar Resectoscope SET.


  • Distension media is saline solution (NaCl) is mainly used in urology for prostate and bladder resection, by Bipolar Resectoscope SET.


  • The current does not pass through the patient body but is conducted through the cutting electrode, Saline Used as conductor and current pass through Electrode itself.


  • Bipolar Resectoscope Set also known as TURP Set, Urology Resectoscope Set, Bipolar Double Stem Resectoscope Set, Urology Instruments, Surgical Karl Storz Resectoscopy, Surgical Richard Wolf Resectoscopy, Surgical Olympus Resectoscopy, Medical Urology Bipolar Resectoscope Set, 26Fr Resectoscope, Urology Instruments, Urology Equipment, Urology Disposable.


Advanced Features:-

  •       Designed to provide excellent utility.
  •       Use with 4mm 30 Degree Telescope.
  •       Compatible with Rotatable Sheath.
  •       Accurate dimensions..
  •       Non toxic.
  •       Advanced configuration.


Types OF Working Elements

  •       Active Working Element.
  •       Passive Working Element.

Orion Bipolar Resectoscope Set

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