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Product Description:-


Monopolar Handswitching Disposable Pencil .


  • Bending: Up to 90 Degrees
  • Edge: coated
  • Plug Connector: 3 Pin Banana Plug
  • Cleaning: 4 * 4 gauge 
  • Control Way: Push Buttons by Hand
  • Light weight and streamline design
  • Sturdy design
  • Cut and Coagulation
  • Hexagonal anti-rotation system blades for all electrodes


  • This device is also known as Electro surgery Hand Switching Pencil, Hand Control Cautery Electrode, Hand Switching Diathermy Pencil, Reusable Hand Switching Active Electrode, Disposable Hand Switching Diathermy Pencil, Single use Hand Switching Pencil, Disposable Cautery Pencil, 3 Pin Universal Hand Control Electrosurgical active Electrode

Monopolar Handswitching Disposable Pencil

SKU: OR097
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